Parley’s Canyon Watershed Restoration FY23

Interagency wildfire fuel treatments in Parleys Canyon to address watershed health SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 11, 2022) — The multi-agency treatment of wildfire fuels (mulching) in Parleys Canyon will continue […]

Courthouse Wash, Grand County

Continues with riparian restoration efforts on 957 acres within the Courthouse Wash Watershed with the mechanical and manual removal of tamarisk and Russian olive, and herbicide applications.

Paunsaugunt Plateau, Kane County

Aspen regeneration cuts on 59 acres. Repair Blubber Creek outflow to maintain 2 acres of potential boreal toad breeding habitat. Build three beaver dam analogues.

Sheep Creek Phase 4, Utah County

Improve the watershed conditions and mule deer winter range by reducing juniper density and canopy cover on 1427 acres through mastication and lop and scatter.